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Clampdown on 'party flats'

Steps will be taken to strengthen legislation aimed at addressing problems with 'party flats' across Scotland.

Part seven of the Antisocial Behaviour (Scotland) Act 2004 will be amended to make it easier for local authorities to issue Antisocial Behaviour notices to owners of party flats, and bring a case to court with the prospect of a successful verdict.

The Scottish Government will do this by introducing a Scottish Statutory Instrument (SSI), a form of secondary legislation.

It is intended to introduce the SSI by the end of this Parliament.

  • If initial engagement with the landlord fails, the plan is to give local authorities more power under Part seven to apply conditions, these could include:
  • Limit the number of people who can be in a party flat at any one time
  • Require some form of on-site supervision, or at least a person to whom complaints can be directed, and who is able to address them
  • Require improvements to the security of premises

Housing and Communities Minster Alex Neil said:

"It is unacceptable that residents have to put up with anti-social behaviour linked to a party flat.

"Although there is no evidence to suggest that this is a widespread problem across the country, when it does occur, it can cause misery for many people.

"That is why this Government has decided to introduce a change in the law that will increase powers available to councils to deal with the problem."

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