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Minister urges organisations to respond to the UK Government consultation on feed-in tariffs

Environment Minister, John Griffiths, is urging housing associations, local authorities, registered social landlords, community groups and businesses in Wales to respond to the UK Government’s consultation on feed-in tariffs for solar PV.

The consultation invites comments on the UK Government’s proposals for the tariff levels available for renewable electricity generation from solar PV installations of 250kW or below under its Feed-in Tariffs scheme. The consultation applies to England, Wales and Scotland.

The Minister said:

“The Welsh Government supports the need for a comprehensive review of how feed-in tariffs operate but there is widespread concern in Wales over the announcement of a reference date for the change to tariffs that is before the consultation on the tariffs ends.

“We believe that the review needs to draw its conclusions quickly, consult meaningfully on any proposed changes and ensure that, having made any changes, there is real certainty going forward.    

“We are therefore concerned about the impact that the current consultation, and wider uncertainty that it is generating, is having on businesses and those who have made a decision to invest in this technology.

“I know that many housing associations, local authorities and registered social landlords in Wales have taken forward work, which is not yet complete, on the assumption that they and their residents will be able to benefit from current feed-in tariffs. Currently tenants and all electricity bill payers are paying for the scheme through their bills but not benefitting.

“In making changes, the UK Government should not disadvantage those who have already made a commitment to invest, based on an understanding of the current levels of return. The current proposals with changes taking effect from 12 December do not allow sufficient time for work that has been started in good faith to be completed.”

The Welsh Government will shortly be responding to the consultation.

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