Third Sector
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Heart Towns

The British Heart Foundation are working with UK towns and cities to get communities heart healthy.

Heart Towns and Heart Cities benefit from our wide range of resources and education programmes. This means everyone in the community can learn practical steps on how to improve their heart health.

Local communities are encouraged to get involved through fundraising and volunteering. They can also make use of support services such as school initiatives, and workplace health and lifestyle resources.

What happens in a Heart Town?

Heart Towns and cities will be hosting all kinds of events and activities over the year. For example a Heart Town ride, walk or run to unite the community for one day and fundraise for our Mending Broken Hearts Appeal.

How can we become a Heart Town?

We're looking to work with entire communities across the country to help save lives. Contact us on 0844 847 2787 if you'd like to see how your town or city could be involved

Are you in a Heart Town?

The following towns and cities have already signed up, and we'll will be revealing more throughout the year.


Signed up:

You can also search our map to find out what's happening in your area.

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