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PX: Prisoners should pay their way in full-time jobs to help victims and cut reoffendin

New research from leading think tank Policy Exchange calls for major reforms to drive an agenda of “real work” in prison. 

Ahead of new prison reform proposals to be published by the Ministry of Justice, the study – Inside Job: creating a market for real work in prison – says thousands of prisoners could be doing useful, profitable full-time jobs which go some way to paying back victims and taxpayers.

The report recommends a whole new prison work regime based on full-time, paid employment that is run by private companies, profit-driven and commissioned by prison governors. Offenders would still go to prison – but regimes would do much more to offer proper work for inmates to make them more employable on release.  Privileges – like in-cell TVs – should be reformed to focus on those who work and paid for out of wages.  The result would be more prisoners working, with the most engaged and compliant prisoners getting privileges from work.

Click HERE for full press release and link to report

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