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Leader’s Group on Members Leaving the House publishes interim report

The House of Lords Leader’s Group on Members Leaving the House has this week published an interim report setting out some of the options available for introducing mechanisms to allow Members to permanently leave the House of Lords.

Areas covered in the report include the following:

  • The case for retirement provisions.
  • Amendments to leave of absence provisions to allow permanent leave of absence. 
  • Compulsory retirement based on age or length of service.
  • Attendance requirements for continued membership.
  • Election among current membership.

The Group does not at this stage take a view on any of the suggestions they received. Instead they call on the Leader of the House, Lord Strathclyde to publish their report and allow a debate in the House to give all Members a chance to air their views and to provide a forum for the suggestions to be debated. 

The debate will take place on Tuesday 16 November.

Further information

The Leader’s Group on Members Leaving the House, formed by Lord Strathclyde and chaired by Lord Hunt of Wirral, invited Members of the House of Lords to write in with suggestions for how Members might be allowed to permanently give up membership of the House.

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