Transport for London
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Cleaner air for the Capital

London is to have the world's first ultra low-emission zone, the Mayor announced recently.

The aim is to create the zone in central London - which would deliver dramatic benefits to air quality and increase take-up of low-emission vehicles.

Mayor Boris Johnson said: 'Creating the world's first big city ultra low-emission zone has the potential to be a game-changing moment in the quality of life of our great Capital.

'My vision is a central zone where almost all the vehicles running during working hours are either zero or low-emission.

'This would deliver incredible benefits in air quality and stimulate the delivery and mass-use of low-emission technology.'

Transport for London will prepare plans for the new zone and look at the feasibility of introducing it from 2020.

By that time it is expected that all buses in central London will be hybrid and all taxis zero-emission.

There will also be more low-emission options for freight vehicles and electric cars will be more widely used.

A further £20m will be spent over the next 10 years on schemes to help London's boroughs to tackle local pollution.

Find out about other schemes in place to improve London's air quality, and tips on how to reduce emissions, at

Hybrid buses are quieter, cleaner and more fuel-efficient than standard vehicles.

They reduce emissions of local pollutants and carbon dioxide by at least 30 per cent compared to conventional diesel buses.

Currently there are 368 diesel-electric hybrid buses operating in the Capital.

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