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CloudStore - the online appstore for the G-Cloud framework is open for business

The new online CloudStore provides a cheaper, quicker and more transparent way to procure cloud-based ICT services, including email, word processing, system hosting, enterprise resource planning, electronic records management, customer relationship management or office productivity applications. 

In this first tranche of the G-Cloud service catalogue you can now purchase around 1,700 “off-the-shelf” IT services from CloudStore on a “pay-as-you-go” basis rather than having to develop your own systems. This model means you can use what you want, when you want it, saving money by avoiding duplication of services that cannot be shared. Suppliers on the framework will be able to source cheaper cloud components for their own applications, enabling them to pass on the additional cost savings to customers. 

To encourage competition and ensure transparency, service details and pricing information are open to all on CloudStore, allowing you to compare services and suppliers and make fully informed purchasing decisions. Please note that we will continue to develop this framework with further procurement activity starting shortly, so contracts should be no longer than a year.

Our G-Cloud framework is set to revolutionise the purchasing, management and delivery of public sector IT services and the way suppliers work with government.  The launch of CloudStore is an important milestone in the Government’s ICT strategy to deliver savings and an IT system fit for the 21st century. Francis Maude, Minister for Cabinet office said "By creating a competitive marketplace, the G-Cloud framework will constantly encourage service providers to improve the quality and value of the solutions they offer, reducing the cost to taxpayers and suppliers. And it gives SME suppliers of niche products the same opportunities as bigger organisations supplying services.”

The CloudStore is evolving all the time and new functionality such as default search by price is coming. We are also planning to load the services as catalogue entries on Government eMarketplace with CloudStore providing the functionality, such as a customer feedback option.

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