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Digital classrooms for a digital age

Education Minister Leighton Andrews has today received the final report from the Digital Classroom Teaching Task and Finish Group which sets out how Welsh schools can deliver digital classrooms in a digital age.

Led by Janet Hayward, currently headteacher at Cadoxton Primary School, the group considered what digital materials work in the classroom and how the Welsh Government can work towards all schools in Wales being able to deliver digitally.

The report makes a number of recommendations including the creation of a hub to enable learners and teachers to share best practice resources. The report also recommends the creation of a national digital collection of teaching and learning resources.

The Minister will now consider all of the recommendations set down in the report to see how technology in the classroom can be strengthened for the benefit of Wales’ learners.

Education Minister Leighton Andrews said:

“New technologies can offer new approaches to engage learners. Digital content, wireless access in classrooms, cloud computing and mobile handheld touch screen devices can revolutionise the way in which we communicate and share information with each other in the 21st Century.

“It’s not unreasonable for learners, parents and teachers to expect that the technology they use in their daily life can also be used in education. Across schools in Wales you will see an array of technology being used innovatively for learning and teaching.    

“It is important that all learners and teachers have access to appropriate technology and can use it with confidence. We know there’s good practice out there, but as with many things in education, it’s important that schools learn and share the best ideas.

“I want Wales to a take a lead on digital inclusion and digital learning and this report shows us how we can achieve that goal.”

Chair of the Task and Finish Group Janet Hayward said:

“In Wales it is clear that there are some real pockets of outstanding practice in the use of technology to enhance learning outcomes.  We have a strong platform to build on.

“The recommendations do not provide a specific template of how a “digital classroom” should look. The recommendations provide more of a vision of how learners and teachers need to engage with and be supported in their use of technology and how we can develop and share world class content.  Hence the name of the report - Find it, make it, use it, share it – learning in digital Wales.

“We’re delighted to be able to present the Minister with our final report, it’s been a labour of love for the group. We are hugely optimistic that it will mark the beginning of a journey that will secure the best learning opportunities for Wales.”

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