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NUS evidence highlights need to tackle inadequate landlords

New evidence from the National Union of Students Wales (NUS Wales) has revealed the terrible conditions some landlords are forcing their tenants to live in.

Common problems highlighted include landlord’s inability to deal with problems such as damp, mould, lack of hot water, sewage problems and lack of heating. In many cases this has directly affected the health and wellbeing of tenants, with some suffering long term illness because of it.

There is also evidence of landlords not fulfilling their contractual obligations. One example saw a landlord telling tenants that the top floor of a student house was being used only for storage, when in fact there was someone living there, who had access to the shared amenities.

Housing Minister, Carl Sargeant said:

"Whilst the majority of landlords in the private rented sector are providing a good service to their tenants, there remains a proportion that fall far below the required standard. They are letting the industry down and giving it a bad name.

"Some of the case studies reported by NUS Cymru show the devastating impact a poor landlord can have on tenants. The shocking and dangerous practices reaffirm the need for a change in the system in order to tackle landlords who are not fit to represent the sector.

"The Welsh Government’s proposed Housing Bill will, amongst other things, make it mandatory for all landlords in the private rented sector to be registered. This will make all landlords accountable for their actions and will help better regulate the sector and protect tenants from inadequate landlords."

NUS Wales President Stephanie Lloyd said:

"These horror stories are just some of the cases we've been made aware of. It's shocking to hear of landlords providing such a poor service.

"The unregulated nature of the market opens students up to unfair terms and poor standards of service from their landlord.

"Student tenants, indeed all tenants, deserve greater protection. NUS Wales welcomes the Welsh Government's intention to provide such protection."

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