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Self care: making health everybody’s business

Everyone has a role to play in looking after their health, Health Minister Lesley Griffiths said recently at an event to mark “Self Care Week”.

Self care week aims to help people take care of themselves, and lets them know what is available to help them look after their health.

Self care underpins a number of the Welsh Government’s commitments in Together for Health, its five year vision for the NHS in Wales. These include the introduction of health checks for over-50s, personal care plans, and a compact with the public.

Lesley Griffiths said:

“Our five year strategy for the NHS, Together for Health, sets out a vision of creating a Wales where health matches the best anywhere.

“However, the NHS cannot do this alone. It can only be achieved where there is a partnership between the health service and the public.

“We must ensure everyone has access to reliable information about their health, and offer additional support for those who need it.

“Some people will need help and support to minimise the risk of developing avoidable health conditions, for example through improved lifestyle choices and access to healthy eating or exercise referral schemes.

“Other people, with more specific health conditions, will need additional help and support to enable them to manage these conditions effectively and to minimise their impact on their everyday life.

“We also want people to provide feedback on NHS services so we can improve the services we provide.

“Whether you are fit and well or have a long-term condition, self care can have a huge impact on your quality of life. Our aim is to provide the information and support necessary so people have confidence and a sense of control over their health.”

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