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Wales supports organ donation and transplantation strategy

Health Minister Mark Drakeford has welcomed a new UK strategy to achieve world class performance in organ donation and transplantation.

Launched recently (11 July), Taking Organ Transplantation to 2020 – a UK Strategy, has been produced by NHS Blood and Transplant and agreed by all four UK nations.

The Strategy sets the agenda for increasing organ donation and transplantation rates to world class standards over the next seven years and builds on success in increasing deceased donation rates by 50% since 2008.

Mark Drakeford said:

“I am pleased to lend the Welsh Government’s support for the new strategy, as we share its aims to revolutionise public attitudes to organ donation.

“In Wales, we have decided to legislate for a change in the consent system in order to save and improve more lives through organ donation. Last week, in a historic vote, the National Assembly for Wales agreed legislation which will introduce a soft opt-out system of organ donation in Wales from 2015.

“We believe this change will bring about a cultural shift in attitudes towards organ donation, as has been seen in other countries with similar systems.

“A change in legislation is just one – albeit major – action we are developing to increase donor rates. The 2020 strategy sets out a whole series of measures for the whole of the UK to build on the success we have had in this area.”

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