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Welsh Secretary: Four nations of the UK are ‘Better Together’

David Jones to deliver ‘Devolution in the continuing Union’ speech

A‘ yes’ vote in the Scottish independence referendum will be “a huge gamble” and “a true leap into the unknown” for the people of Scotland, Secretary of State for Wales, David Jones will say when he addresses the Durham Union Society this evening (Thursday 28 November 2013).

Mr Jones will deliver his ‘Devolution in the Continuing Union’ speech in the days following the publication of the Scottish Government’s White Paper on independence.

He will say that the document “fails to give credible answers to fundamentally important questions”, such as currency, pensions and the cost of independence, and “appears to be nothing more than a wish-list designed to hide what independence means.”

Mr Jones is expected to say that “Scotland is already part of one of the world’s most successful unions”, and that devolution enables Scotland to take important decisions that affect daily life.

Mr Jones will also say that Scotland, like Wales is “benefitting from two legislatures and two governments, working in their interests,” reiterating that a flexible model of devolution in one that is right for the United Kingdom.

He will say that independence “will not bring about a new union” but will see Scotland leaving the United Kingdom, bringing about a fundamental and irreversible change that cannot be determined in advance of the referendum.”

He will reiterate that, if the Scottish people vote ‘yes’ in September 2014, “their future will need to be negotiated with dozens of countries who will be acting in the interests of their own citizens, not Scotland’s, on issues like currency, defence and borders.”

He will say that businesses, universities and other institutions in the Union currently reap the benefits of a strong economy, “unimpeded by borders and customs, with a strong common currency,” and that “a vote for independence would place all this in jeopardy.”

  • The Secretary of State for Wales will deliver the ‘Devolution in the Continuing Union’ speech at approx 20:30hrs on Thursday 28 November 2013 to the Durham Union Society, Pemberton Buildings, Palace Green, Durham, County Durham.
  • The Durham Union Society is a debating society founded in 1842 by the students of the Durham University.

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