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Public Sector Lean Thinktank - 27th September 2010

The Public Sector Lean Thinktank aims to bring together key decision makers, change agents, policy makers and lean implementers to share a dialogue about lean in their environment and to develop and disseminate new thinking.

Next Thinktank Event

Liverpool County Court
and Sefton ‘Model’ Court

27 September 2010

Event Background & Context

Feedback from the last Thinktank suggested that participants wanted the opportunity to visit successful Public Sector Lean sites to better understand its applicability and to explore issues surrounding implementation in more depth. The Ministry of Justice’s Court Services have very kindly offered to host the next Thinktank session at Liverpool County Court, providing the opportunity to learn more about how they delivered their improvement programme, to discover what results they have achieved and to talk to staff about the experience.

The North West ’s Court Service’s Lean Journey started in earnest in January 2009 when 8 change agents, trained in Lean tools and techniques, embarked on an extensive event programme to deliver improvements within the Court Service system. To date, they have completed 26 events at courts and offices within the region and have released the equivalent of 45 members of staff’s time back into the business. Thinktank members will visit Liverpool County Court and also their ‘Model Court’ at nearby Sefton to understand firsthand how this was accomplished.

The Lean change agents spent 6 months at Sefton and we’ll be able to see great examples of visual management (particularly team info rmation boards), workflow in action, continuous improvement hubs, standard operating procedures and a redesigned customer focussed layout. Sefton has adopted very much a systems approach, examining the Criminal Justice System (Courts, Crown Prosecution Service and Police in partnership) in order to bring about their improvements.

We will be able to see what benefits this approach has brought them and will be able to appreciate the difference that the changes have made to staff. The day will also give us the opportunity to hear about the latest LERC research on Public Sector ‘Pillar and Platform’ implementations (pillar = isolated area, platform = true value stream/cross organisational improvement). This research will offer a framework for Thinktank members to be able to reflect on what we have experienced at Liverpool County Court and Sefton. We hope that you will join us on what will be a very interesting and educational event.

10.00 am - Welcome and Introduction to NW Court Service’s Lean Programme. Our Journey so Far. (Shirley Brown, Lean Lead NW Court Services)

11.00 am - Pillar and Platform Implementations in the Public Sector (Nicola Bateman / Ann Esain / Sarah Lethbridge)

12.00 pm - Workshops: To what extent are our own implementations ’pillars’ or ‘platforms’? How can we interact and evolve the two approaches?

1.00 pm - Lunch

1.45 pm to 4.00 pm - Visit to Sefton Model Court

Attendance & Registration
The event is open to any public sector employee who is engaged or interested in business improvement activities.

There is a £65 fee cover expenses. If you wish to attend email LERC or phone (029) 2064 7028

Payment can be via cheque/invoice or can pay for this via LERC's online shop
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Sarah Lethbridge for more information. 


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