BHF - Britain’s takeaway pizzas found to be shockingly salty

27 Mar 2012 10:12 AM

New research has found that takeaway pizzas have up to two and a half times more salt than the average supermarket pizza.

Half of all the takeaway pizzas surveyed by Consensus Action on Salt and Health were found to contain your entire daily salt recommendation per pizza.

Three quarters of supermarket pizzas surveyed currently meet the salt reduction target set by the Department of Health, whereas less than a fifth of takeaway pizzas manage this.

We need clear, easy to understand information on all food packaging

Victoria Taylor, BHF's Senior Heart Health Dietitian, said: “Nobody would choose to eat an entire teaspoon of salt in one go, yet by eating some of these pizzas, that’s what we’re doing.

“We need clear traffic light labelling, in takeaway restaurants as well as on supermarket shelves, to help us all understand what’s really in the food we are buying.

“The take away message from this takeaway survey is that eating healthily isn’t about cutting out our favourite foods, but balancing these with healthier options and making the best choices we can. In order to help us make these choices for ourselves and our families we need clear, easy to understand information on all food packaging.”