CBI comments on NAO report on High Speed 2 rail project

16 May 2013 04:21 PM

The CBI has commented on the National Audit Office report on the High Speed Two (HS2) project.

Rhian Kelly, CBI Director of Business Environment, said:


"It is early days in a 20-year project but the government needs to implement lessons quickly from previous franchising failures. Industry, investors and taxpayers must see a watertight business case and programme management.

"There is very little advantage in prolonging the timetable given the West Coast Main Line is set to reach full capacity by the mid-2020s - squeezing out passengers and freight. Ministers need to secure real consensus on the route now to avoid the project being hit by years of delays further down the line.


“HS2 cannot be built in isolation – we need sustained, additional capital investment in existing road and rail networks now to meet increased demand.”