CIOB Launches

23 Apr 2007 12:15 PM
The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) will launch in June its newly revised Education Framework that includes sustainable design and construction as compulsory mainstream criteria for any course provider.
The revised Framework takes into account all major policies, including the National Occupational Standards, the Graduate Common Learning Outcomes and the QAA Benchmark Statements whilst also reflecting current industry issues including sustainability and health and safety.
Dr Andrew Platten, Chair of the CIOB Accreditation Panel said, “This revised CIOB Education Framework has been subject to an extensive review process dating back to summer 2005.  The prime motivators have been the national occupational standards, the need to significantly improve the focus upon health and safety education for under graduates. In addition to the CIC’s graduate common learning outcomes and the dramatic move in the industry to increase the awareness and advancement of sustainable design and construction practices.  
“We believe this revision of the Framework presents a challenging range of learning outcomes that will present a worthy benchmark for future chartered building professionals.”
Following from the review of the Education Framework, and also as a means to ease the burden of accreditation submissions on the universities, the CIOB has also updated its accreditation process. Among other changes, the new procedure will include templates to simplify the submission and assessment of information and also provide an application process specific to Foundation Degrees for the first time.
Use of both the Education Framework 2007 and the updated accreditation process will be live from 2nd July 2007. Further information is available on the CIOB website at www.ciob.org.uk/education/accreditation.    
The Chartered Institute of Building is the qualifying body for more than 42,000 construction professionals in over 100 countries worldwide. It has a Royal Charter to promote the science and practice of construction for public benefit, and has won recognition from Government, other professional bodies and the industry itself as being a central voice in construction.
Further information is available by contacting Saul Townsend Press and Communications Manager on 01344 630 766 - stownsend@ciob.org.uk