CIOB welcomes the Final Report on Fair Access to the Professions

22 Jul 2009 09:37 AM

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) welcomes the final report by the Panel on Fair Access to the Professions. This timely and thorough report underpins the importance of Government and Professional Bodies working together in the development of lifelong learning opportunities and professional skills.

The report stresses the need to give equal access across all the social and economic groups of the UK, to ensure that Britain realises the social benefits of a huge potential growth in professional employment in future decades. Globalisation also demands that investment now in training and skills will help ensure that UK industry is well placed to succeed in the future.

Michael Brown, Deputy Chief Executive of the CIOB commented: “The CIOB is a good example of how a professional body has successfully extended access to professions through widening the scope of its intake. This has been achieved without lowering the standards of entry, but by addressing the barriers that exist to obtaining the required qualifications. We believe our experience could be applied to other industries.”

The CIOB has already highlighted a number of areas where increased Government funding should be considered and barriers that need to be removed if access to the professions is to be improved. In particular, barriers that prevent people from retraining and moving in to a new profession must be addressed by government. The lack of career advice to young people has been identified as a major issue, and the CIOB recommends that funding be provided to support the training of career advisors. This will ensure a better understanding of the diversity of roles available and the overall importance of the built environment to the economy and to our quality of life.

To view the full CIOB submissions please go to www.ciob.org/about/ciobpolicies.


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