Campaign against human trafficking ‘Two Little Girls'

5 Apr 2013 02:52 PM

On 31 January, the British Embassy in partnership with Save the Children Lithuania, launched a campaign against human trafficking ‘Two Little Girls’.

Two Little Girls is a short animated film made in consultation with five Albanian women who were trafficked into the UK and rescued by Poppy project. Created and produced by Ruth Beni of Animage, this groundbreaking film aims to warn young women of the dangers of being trafficked.

Click here for the video

At the launch, the British Ambassador David Hunt said:

Let us be in no doubt - human trafficking is a real problem . It remains a significant issue between the UK and Lithuania. The stories in this short film depict the most common ways Eastern Europe women and girls are deceived, often by people they trust and are trafficked against their will into prostitution abroad. It is a powerful message.

Two Little Girls can be used as a central point for discussion in workshops with young people in schools, care homes and social institutions, teacher training courses, and for education and social sector specialists.