Charred clocks bring an emotional reminder that it’s Time to Test

18 Oct 2012 03:40 PM

A hard-hitting campaign offers a timely reminder that changing our clocks isn't the only important task to carry out over the weekend of 27/28 October - the clear Fire Kills message is that it's time to take life-saving action and test our smoke alarms too.

The simple task of making sure our smoke alarms work is something that many often forget. But people are more than four times as likely to die in a fire if they do not have a working smoke alarm, so the Fire Kills campaign is using the twice-yearly clock change chore to remind people that it's time to test.

Images of charred timepieces that bring to mind a child's bedside table, a grandparents' mantelpiece, and a quiet night in front of the TV, pull on the heartstrings to remind householders of the lives at stake if their smoke alarm isn't working.

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