Consultation: solving disputes in the county courts

4 Apr 2011 10:44 AM

This consultation sets out, and asks your views on, proposed reforms to the civil justice system in the courts in England and Wales. You have until 30 June 2011 to respond.

Proposed changes to the legal system

The consultation will weigh up plans to modernise the justice system and make it simpler, quicker, cheaper and more effective. It includes plans to:

  • raise the small claims limit
  • improve how court judgments are enforced so that people receive what it’s judged they are owed
  • help people avoid going to court by introducing automatic mediation for small claims cases, and mediation awareness sessions for higher-value cases
  • change the county court jurisdiction so that the High Court is used for bigger and more complex claims only

Also included are plans for the reform of 'no win no fee' deals.

Who can respond

This consultation is aimed at:

  • the public
  • business
  • everyone who has an interest in the civil justice system in England and Wales

You can reply via an online questionnaire that contains 72 questions. You may wish to first read the consultation paper for background information. Once you start the online questionnaire, you can return to it only if you leave your browser open on the consultation page.

If preferred, you can respond by email or in writing. You have until 30 June 2011 to make your views known.

Further information