IDeA: Are you getting the best out of your people?

7 Aug 2009 03:52 PM

A new framework to help chief executives get the very best out of their staff has been launched. As public finances come under growing pressure, chief executives are increasingly looking for ways to do more for less, and improving productivity is fundamental to that.

The ‘Getting the best out of your people’ organisational productivity framework has been developed by the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) and Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnerships (RIEPs), in consultation with chief executives, and by looking at best practice in other sectors.

The country’s leading councils have an understandable and accessible management culture which sets out a clear vision for the authority and their local area.

Characteristics shared by successful authorities include having the right organisational structure with clear priorities focusing on the things that matter most to residents; having services delivered by well motivated staff who have the right skills; and incorporating continuous improvement into all departments.

The importance of engaging with staff was repeatedly emphasised by the 12 chief executives interviewed for the framework’s development.

John Schultz is chief executive of Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, whose Business Improvement, Transformation, and Efficiency (BITE) programme has seen staff satisfaction with IT services rocket from 17 per cent to 80 per cent thanks to a systems approach to revamping technical support.

“The productivity framework neatly summarises much of what we have done on our 10-year improvement journey,” says Mr Schultz.

The framework – illustrated in the graphic below – aims to help stimulate chief executives’ thinking by acting as a simple checklist.

It is designed to evolve over time and over the next few months the IDeA will be working with RIEPs to pilot a new organisational productivity peer challenge based on the framework, at a unitary or London council, a district council and a county council.

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