26 Jul 2010 11:38 AM

News Release issued by the COI News Distribution Service on 26 July 2010

Metropolitan Police Authority

The Metropolitan Police Authority is asking Londoners to have their say and help identify the capital's policing priorities for 2012/13.

By completing a short online questionnaire Londoners can tell the MPA what are the most important issues for them and what they believe the police should be focusing on. The questionnaire asks:
- what are your top three priorities for policing in London?
- why do you choose these priorities?
- what should the MPS be doing to tackle these priorities?

Kit Malthouse, Chairman of the MPA, said:

"Public consultation plays an important part in setting the annual policing priorities for London and we want to encourage more and more Londoners to participate.

“This year MPA staff will be trying harder than ever over the summer months to enable communities to have their say, attending community events, Safer Neighbourhoods team’s surgeries, ‘have your say’ days and joining in with crime prevention buses to speak with people directly.

“We are also asking London’s business community to have their say in setting policing priorities with a specific questionnaire.

“Participating in this annual consultation is a vital tool to help restore the vital link between our local communities and their police service. All organisations do best when they listen to the people they serve and the police is no different.”

The public questionnaire is available at:

The business questionnaire is available at:

If you are unable to complete the online questionnaire please call 020 7202 0063 (or minicom 020 7202 0173), leaving your name and address and we will send you a paper copy of the questionnaire to complete and return to a freepost address.

Assistance to complete the questionnaire:
If you require a telephone questionnaire, please call 020 7202 0063 (or minicom 020 7202 0173), leave your name and telephone number and somebody will call you back.

The closing date for completed questionnaires is 26 November 2010.

Notes to Editors

Notes to Editors
1. The current policing priorities can be found on the MPA website within the Policing London Business Plan at:
2. The MPA’s policing and performance plans describe our arrangements for policing London over the year and gives details of our priorities and objectives, past performance and future performance targets, funding and use of resources and the work to support continuous improvement.

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