Rules to make micro-generation easier in Wales come into force

1 Sep 2009 03:17 PM
Installing micro-generation equipment such as solar panels in Welsh homes becomes easier from today (1 September) as new planning rules come into force.

Environment Minister Jane Davidson hopes the changes will give households the opportunity to minimise their carbon footprint and to reduce fuel bills.

The aim of the changes is to remove certain types of micro-generation equipment from requiring planning permission, making it easier for individuals and local communities install equipment that will contribute to tackling climate change and lower energy bills.

There will be no requirement to pay planning fees, also reducing the financial burden.

Equipment that comes under the new rules includes:

  • small scale solar panels
  • ground source heat pumps, and
  • biomass flues.

Ms Davidson said:

“A key part to tackling climate change will be lessening our reliance on carbon based energy. This is where micro-generation has a major role to play. It gives households the opportunity to produce their own clean, green  energy.

“Here in Wales we have a large share of off gas-grid homes where micro-generation could provide an alternative. We want these new rules to encourage people to consider micro-generation and make it easier for them begin producing their own energy.”

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