Score on the doors resources for local authorities

16 Dec 2009 03:55 PM

The Food Standards Agency is making available a support package for local authorities that adopt the Agency’s national 'Scores on the doors' scheme.

As part of the support package, the Agency has secured funding of £0.5m to assist early adopters of the scheme in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with the start up activities needed in preparation for launching and running the scheme. The Agency is inviting local authorities to apply for grant funding.

In addition to this, the Agency will be supporting authorities by providing:

  • guidance on the implementation and operation of the national six-tier scheme
  • briefing material that can be used to help inform elected members about the national scheme
  • promotional and marketing materials
  • training and training materials for local authorities
  • IT assistance for linking to the national IT platform and associated IT training

The Agency has also appointed two environmental health officer secondees to work with early adopters over the next six months. The secondees are Jaan Stanton of Norwich City Council and Nat Slade from the Isle of Wight Council.

Sarah Appleby, the Agency’s Head of Enforcement, said: 'Now is a very exciting time to be involved in Scores on the doors and I’m delighted that Jaan and Nat have joined the Agency as they are able to offer their expert advice to early adopters. We hope that as many local authorities as possible sign up to be early adopters as it is a great opportunity to join the scheme at an early stage.'

Local authorities must apply by 15 January 2010 and will be informed in late January if their applications have been successful.

More information about the support package, and how local authorities can apply, can be found at the links below.

About Scores on the doors

It is very important that all food businesses obey the law and supply food that is safe to eat. Consumers in certain areas can already see how well a food business in their area complies with food hygiene regulations through 'Scores on the doors' schemes run by their local authority.

The Agency is planning to introduce a national scheme so that consumers across the UK can obtain information on businesses in their areas.

You can read more details at the link below.