Welsh Language sabbaticals scheme course 2008/09

2 May 2008 02:57 PM

The Welsh language Sabbaticals Scheme has been developed by the Assembly Government to boost the number of bilingual practitioners across Wales. It has been running successfully since January 2006, and participants' feedback is extremely positive, as reflected by the 100% completion rate. As a result of this, and an external evaluation, the initial pilot scheme has been extended for a further two-year period, with courses now running until July 2009.

The scheme is aimed at teachers, lecturers and work-based training providers who speak Welsh fairly fluently but who lack the confidence or specialised terminology to use these skills in a professional context. Full-time or part-time practitioners in primary and secondary schools, further education institutions and private training providers across Wales are eligible. Supply staff may also be considered, subject to certain conditions.

There are two types of training on offer, either the full-time three-month block course or the distance learning course. Both are fully funded by the Welsh Assembly Government, and bursaries will provide reimbursement for all supply and travel costs.

Application process

Applications are currently available for courses during the 2008/09 academic year:

  • 15 September - 12 December 2008 (closing date: 9 May 2008)
  • 05 January - 03 April 2009 (closing date: 10 October 2008)
  • 20 April - 17 July 2009 (closing date: 06 February 2009)

To obtain further information and an application pack, contact the Sabbaticals Team on: 01443 663770, sabbaticalscheme@wales.gsi.gov.uk, or visit the website www.wales.gov.uk/sabbaticalsscheme.