Annual Reports

Newswire – HPA: The Health Protection Agency, Environment Agency and Scottish Environment Protection Agency monitoring stations have reported further minute traces of radiation associated with events at the Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan.  Overall, the levels are lower than those observed in the previous update published on April 21.
The levels being detected mean there is no risk to public health in the United Kingdom from the environmental concentrations resulting from the release of radioactive material at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.  The monitoring equipment is extremely sensitive and can pick up trace levels well below any potential risk to human health.
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Newswire – CBI: Employers are concerned with the basic skills levels of school & college leavers, the CBI / EDI annual Education & Skills survey 2011 has revealed.  The CBI /EDI survey of 566 employers shows 42% are not satisfied with the basic use of English by school & college leavers, while more than a third (35%) are concerned with the basic numeracy skills in this age group.
To address the weaknesses in basic skills, almost half (44%) of employers have had to invest in remedial training for school & college leavers.
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FRC: The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has published its finalised Plan & Budget for 2011/12.
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