Annual Reports

ScotGov: A map showing where house fires took place across Scotland over the last year has been unveiled at the launch of an annual fire safety campaign. The ‘Scotland’s Hottest Postcodes’ map reveals that while the highest concentration of house fires in 2011-12 were centred around built-up areas such as Glasgow, Edinburgh & Dundee, house fires affect homes throughout Scotland.
To minimise the risk, every home should have working smoke alarms which are tested weekly to provide early warning of the onset of fire. Home Fire Safety Visits (HFSV) are a key prevention tool.  They take around 20 minutes and are FREE. They are delivered by F&RS personnel who help assess fire risks in their home, offer fire safety advice and where appropriate, install a free smoke alarm(s).
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ONS: A study into disability in Great Britain has shown that even after a short period of one year, changes can be seen in whether or not people now have an impairment compared with a year ago.  Additionally, the study has shown that the barriers that people face in participating in society have changed just after a year.
The Life Opportunities Survey (LOS) is the first major survey in Great Britain to explore disability in terms of people’s experience of social participation.  Adults in the survey are defined as having an impairment if they experience moderate, severe or complete difficulty within at least one area of mental or physical functioning, and if certain activities, such as walking or reading a newspaper, are limited as a result.
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The Golden Thread: A study of the contribution of the project profession to the UK’s economy