Annual Reports

HC: The Healthcare Commission survey of more than 80,000 patients shows that for the third year running the vast majority of patients (92%) reported a positive experience of hospitals in England, rating the care they received as "excellent," "very good" or "good".
Press release ~ Key findings ~ Benchmark reports and tables

FSA: The Financial Services Practitioner Panel (the Panel) has published its Annual Report for the period 2006/7, which summarises the Panel's work over the preceding 12 months and sets out its priorities for the year ahead.

As well as containing further information on those issues mentioned above, it includes commentary on the FSA's Retail Distribution and Quality of Advice reviews, its Financial Capability strategy, and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) funding review.
Press release ~ The Financial Services Practioner Panel ~ FSA ~ Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) ~ Financial Capability strategy

Defra: The results for UK installations of the second year of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), which sets a cap on total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from European industries, have been published.

UK sites covered by the scheme emitted 251.1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (MtCO2) in 2006, an increase of 8.8MtCO2, or 3.6%, from 2005. The power sector increased its emissions by 9.3MtCO2, while other industry sectors decreased their emissions by 0.5MtCO2 in 2006. The total UK cap for 2006 was 217.3MtCO2, meaning that 33.8 MtCO2 were purchased through emissions trading to keep within the overall cap.

This increase was due mainly to unusually high international gas prices, which led to a switch to coal in electricity generation.  Coal-fired power stations emit approximately twice as much as gas-fired power stations per unit of electricity generated.
Press release ~ Defra - EU Emissions Trading Scheme - Compliance and results ~ UK Power Sector Emissions - targets or reality? ~ The balance of power: Reducing CO2 emissions from the UK power sector - A summary of WWF-UK’s response to the 2006 Energy Review~ Stern Review ~ Defra – Emissions trading ~ UK ERC - Carbon Capture and Storage ~ UKCCSC project ~ IEA Clean Coal Centre: Carbon capture & storage (sequestration)

Defra: Environment Secretary David Miliband has highlighted environmental achievements & challenges for the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs in his Department's Annual Report. He also highlighted the Marine Bill White Paper and the funding for the Rural Development Programme for England as key achievements.
Press release ~ Defra's Departmental Report 2007 ~ Marine Bill White Paper ~ Rural Development Programme for England

HMRC: The HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Departmental Report has been laid before Parliament and published on the HMRC website.  It details HMRC's performance for the year 2006/07 and this is the first time HMRC have combined their Spring Departmental and Annual Reports into one document.

The report details HMRC's business & operations and how the Department is currently performing against its Public Service Agreement (PSA) targets.  Key achievements include:

Press release ~ HMRC Annual & Spring Departmental Report 2006/07


Defra: The government has published the Chief Veterinary Officer's 2006 annual report, which summarises progress & developments in the field of animal health and welfare during the last calendar year. It also defines progress in relation to the five strategic principles of the Animal Health and Welfare Strategy, as well as being a continuous statistical record of the state of animal disease.

Press release ~ Chief Veterinary Officer's 2006 annual report ~ Animal Health and Welfare Strategy ~ Animal Welfare Act  ~ Exercise Hawthorn ~ UK Responsibility and Cost Sharing Consultative Forum ~ Eves review of the Animal Health and Welfare Delivery Landscape ~ National Wildlife Crime Unit ~ Bluetongue factsheet ~ Newcastle Disease factsheet ~ National Fallen Stock Scheme

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