Annual Reports

PB: The Parole Board has published its Annual Report & Accounts for 2009/10. The report records the work carried out by the Board last year to maintain its high standards of risk assessment during a year in which it faced the twin challenges of a growing backlog of cases and uncertainty over its future.
Press release ~ Annual Report and Accounts 2009/10
NE: The Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership (MCCIP) launched its latest annual report card recently providing the very latest updates on how climate change is affecting our seas. Almost 100 scientists from 40 leading UK science organisations, including Natural England, contributed to this peer-reviewed report, which covers 30 marine & coastal topics.
The report includes a new regional seas climate change impacts map, which highlights important differences in climate change impacts across UK regional seas.  It shows that whilst many impacts are being seen in southern UK waters, future climate change will lead to impacts across all UK regional seas.
The report also takes a first look at how the UKCP09 climate projections can aid our understanding of future marine climate change impacts and (for the first time) covers air-sea exchanges of CO2, deep-sea habitats, waterbirds and human health.
Press release ~ MCCIP: Annual Report ~ UKCP09 climate projections ~ UK marine and coastal projections
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