Annual Reports

ACEArts Council England have now published their annual review for 2010, which looks back on a year of ‘radical thinking & great change’ for the Arts Council as they worked to reduce their running costs by 15% and to manage the impact of a budget reduction of £19m, in addition to an earlier in-year reduction of £4m - bringing the total to £23m.
Press release ~ Annual review for 2010 ~ Why the arts matter.
NAO: Amyas Morse, the Comptroller and Auditor General, has limited the scope of his audit opinion on the 2009-10 accounts of the Ministry of Defence, as he did for the MOD’s 2008-09 accounts, because the Department was unable to provide evidence to support the existence and value of certain assets & inventory balances

He has also qualified his audit opinion because the Department’s accounting policies are not fully compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards.
Press release ~ NAO: Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General on the 2009-10 accounts of the Ministry of Defence
COI: The Central Office of Information (COI) has published its annual report & accounts for 2009/10.  The figures reflect the combined spend of numerous government departments and public sector bodies that used its services during 2009/10. A freeze has since been placed on government advertising & marketing spend by the new Government.  During this financial year only essential new & existing campaigns will be allowed to continue.
COI is currently undertaking an internal review of its shape and size to ensure it remains efficient & effective, during the freeze & beyond.  This includes assessing the services it delivers and establishing new opportunities offered by the evolving media landscape.
Press release ~ COI Annual Report & Accounts 2009/10
LRLand Registry, the government department responsible for land registration in England & Wales has published its annual report and accounts for 2009/10.
Press release ~ Annual Report and Accounts 2009/10
UKBA: A report published by the Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency has found significant weaknesses in current family removal procedures and no processes in place to collect, analyse & publish information on families who are subject to removal.
The report - Family Removals: A thematic inspection - focussed on the efficiency & effectiveness of the Agency’s approach to removing families who have no right to remain in the UK.  The report also took into account the Agency’s obligation to have regard to the need to safeguard & promote the welfare of children.
Press release ~ Family Removals: A thematic inspection
UKBA: A report published by the Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency represents the poorest performance seen in a UK Border Agency business area to date
In some cases it was almost impossible to determine why visas had been issued, when others had been refused on identical or very similar evidence.  In the worst cases, the Independent Chief Inspector found that visas that should have been refused were granted and visas that should have been granted were refused.
Press release ~ An inspection of the UK Visa Section: Pakistan settlement applications
Ofsted: Ofsted’s first national annual survey of social workers’ views (Safeguarding and looked after children) has been published.  The survey is issued alongside a report on the views of over 1,500 third sector organisations who provide services for children & young people across most local authorities in England. 

These surveys provide a window on the views & experience of front line staff as they work to safeguard & protect children.
Press release ~ Safeguarding & looked after children: national results for children’s social work practitioners survey 20101 ~ Safeguarding and looked after children: national third sector organisation survey 2010
IPO: The annual IP (Intellectual Property) Crime Report reveals the extensive action being taken across the country and the significant collaboration between all the agencies involved in tackling intellectual property crime. The report reveals millions of fake items were seized through operations into everything from market traders to internet auction sites.
Press release ~ Annual IP (Intellectual Property) Crime Report
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