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Defra: Family-run restaurants & independent shops will be able to save money & access better recycling under a new deal between Government and the waste industry, Environment Minister Lord Henley announced recently.
Under the Responsibility Deal, a key commitment in the recently-published Waste Review, the Government will work with the Environmental Services Association (ESA) to help businesses prevent waste & recycle more of the waste they do produce. Businesses across the UK have the potential to save up to £18bn a year by taking steps to reduce waste that will cost them either nothing or very little in the short term.
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DECC: Simplification proposals for CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme and Climate Change Agreements have been revealed and proposals to make the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme simpler, easier & more straightforward have been outlined.
The proposals will be formally consulted on early next year but comments from participants are encouraged now. The Government will also shortly start a consultation to revise the Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) to make it less burdensome on businesses and more effective until it finishes in 2023.
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