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HMRC: An international security system to scan US bound maritime container freight for nuclear and radioactive materials is being trialled at Southampton Container Terminals (SCT) as part of a six month feasibility study.
All container lorries entering SCT will drive through scanners designed to detect radioactivity, while those bound for the US will also be x-rayed.  If any suspect material is present then an alarm will sound to alert HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) officers to a potential threat.
The Southampton trial is one of three such tests that the US has initiated around the globe to test the operation - the others are in Honduras and Pakistan.  The US authorities are providing all the equipment & funding the trial.
HMRC, after consulting with the European Commission, has agreed to this independent trial taking place on UK territory.  HMRC have also agreed to facilitate the trial and will ensure it abides by all UK and EU health & safety standards and data protection requirements.
Press release ~ Southampton Container Terminals (SCT)
HMRC: Registered pension schemes must submit certain information electronically to HMRC from 16 October 2007. Previously, this information could also be submitted on paper.
To submit information online, scheme administrators (or practitioners acting on their behalf) must register with HMRC's Pension Schemes Online service.  It can take up to seven working days to activate a new account - as some information has to be sent by post - so pension scheme administrators and practitioners who haven't done so, should register as soon as possible.
Early registration will ensure that administrators are ready to use Pension Schemes Online in advance of any filing deadlines.
Press release ~ Guide for using the service
HMRCRevenue & Customs Brief 64/07
This Brief gives details of an article: VAT: Changes in the VAT treatment of serviced building plots.
HMRCRevenue & Customs Brief 63/07
This Brief gives details of an article: Registered Dealers in Controlled Oil scheme (RDCO) - option to submit annual returns.
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