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HMRC: The latest edition of Agent Update – HMRC’s electronic update for tax agents - is now available.  The Update provides tailored information specifically for agents so they can;
* stay informed across a wide range of taxes and services
* be totally up to date so they can give their clients the latest advice
The latest edition of Agent Update looks at how agents can file self assessment returns online for earlier tax years and the new PAYE upgrade.
Press release ~ Agent Update
HMT: Following a competitive process, HM Treasury has appointed Peter Clokey as independent valuer for the Bradford & Bingley plc Compensation Scheme.  All shares in Bradford & Bingley were transferred into temporary public ownership at 8am on 29 September 2008 and the Treasury is required to set up a scheme for determining the amount of any compensation payable to persons who held any B&B shares immediately before that transfer.
The independent valuer, Mr Clokey, will determine what compensation, if any, is due to former shareholders and others whose interests may have been affected by the transfer.  In due course, Mr Clokey will inform former shareholders & others, such as the holders of Bradford & Bingley’s sub-ordinated debt, of the basis on which he is going to operate and how he intends to proceed. 
Computershare is maintaining a list of people who held shares immediately prior to the transfer into temporary public ownership.  Former shareholders need take no further action, other than keeping their contact details up-to-date with them.  
Press release ~ The Independent Valuer of Bradford & Bingley ~ Bradford & Bingley Compensation Scheme Order 2008 ~ Computershare
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