DH: Detailed proposals for how the NHS will improve healthcare outcomes for patients and judge its success have been set out in a public consultation (closes on 10 October 2010) by the Department of Health.  

The publication, Transparency in Outcomes - a framework for the NHS, is the first in a series of specific consultations to be published in the coming weeks seeking the views of healthcare professionals, the public and other interested parties on the detailed proposals.
Press release ~ Consultation: Transparency in outcomes: a framework for the NHS ~ White Paper: Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS
DH: The Government is asking for views from the public, health professionals and anyone else with an interest in local health issues, on 2 public consultations (closing on 11 October 2010) launched last week (this follows the publication on 12 July of the White Paper - Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS):
* Commissioning for Patients
* Local Democratic Legitimacy in Health
Press release ~ Liberating the NHS: Increasing democratic legitimacy in health ~ Increasing democratic legitimacy in health ~ White Paper - Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS
WAG: New plans for managing the growing risk of flooding & coastal erosion within Wales have been launched by Environment Minister, Jane Davidson. The National Strategy for flood and coastal erosion risk in Wales consultation (closes on8 October 2010) seeks views on the following 4 proposed objectives:
* reducing the impacts from flooding & coastal erosion on individuals, communities & businesses
* raising awareness of & engaging people in the response to flood & coastal erosion risk
* providing an effective & sustained response to flood & coastal erosion events
* prioritising investment in the most at risk communities
Press release ~ Flood & Coastal Erosion Risk Management: Development of a National Strategy for Wales ~ WAG:  Water and flooding
HCA: The Homes & Communities Agency is running an online debate to explore new ways to help bring more private sector homes back into use. Affordability issues, exacerbated by the current economic conditions have placed greater emphasis on the need to tackle empty homes.  

Currently, there are 1.8m households on the social housing waiting list and over 762,000 empty homes, around half of which have been empty for more than 6 months.
A series of films have been produced to spark debate and provide the latest thinking from industry experts.  The debate is running until 30 July 2010.
Press release ~ Debate Place on Showcase
WAG: Environment Minister, Jane Davidson, has announced plans to revise Welsh planning policy so that it supports the Wales Assembly Government’s aspirations for renewable energy

The announcement follows the Minister’s statement on 8 June 2010 in which she highlighted the need to update planning policy and outlined the way that this would be done. The consultation will close on 8 October 2010.
Press release ~ Planning Policy Wales: Section 12.8 Planning for Renewable Energy ~ WAG: Renewable energy ~ Research: Planning Implications of Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Development
Newswire – HRFP: The Hutton Review of Fair Pay in the Public Sector, announced by the Chancellor in June 2010, has issued a call for evidence, inviting views from all interested parties on issues around fairness in pay

The call for evidence is posted on the Fair Pay Review page on the HM Treasury website
http://www and the deadline for responses is 6 September 2010.
Press release
Defra: Three consultations (all closing on 13 October 2010) have been published that will set out the policy objectives for UK governments in managing the UK seas, introducing marine planning & streamlining licensing.  All 3 help to fulfil the coalition government’s commitment to deliver the Marine and Coastal Access Act.
The new planning & licensing systems will help the management of marine activities, such as providing energy, which contribute around £47bn to the UK economy; ensure on-going environmental protection of our seas; and give coastal communities a voice in the future uses of their marine environment. The outcome of these consultations will help to address the issues highlighted in Charting Progress 2, a comprehensive study on the state of the UK seas.
Press release ~ Draft UK Marine Policy Statement consultation ~ Marine planning system consultation ~ Marine Licensing System consultation ~ Marine Management Organisation (MMO) ~ Charting Progress 2 ~ Defra: Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 ~ Related press release
DfT: Proposals for the privatisation of the Port of Dover are set for further public scrutiny after Shipping Minister, Mike Penning, asked Dover Harbour Board to publish additional information about their plans. The period for further representations is expected to begin in the next few days and will close on 27 August 2010.
Press release ~ Dover Harbour Board transfer scheme (January 2010) ~ Other Port Development documents
NICE: NICE is currently updating existing guidance published in December 2004 on the management of anxiety (management of adults with a diagnosis of GAD only). Draft recommendations have been published on the NICE website for public consultation (closes on 17 August 2010).
Press release ~ Anxiety (partial update)
OFTProtecting UK consumers online is the focus of a long-term strategy launched for consultation (closes on 13 October 2010) by the OFT last week. It proposes 3 broad areas for action to protect consumers and drive competition & economic growth in online markets.
The strategy identifies potential measures to promote protection including clarifying the levels of protection available for consumer-to-consumer sales, working with agencies to reduce spam, developing low-cost solutions for checking non-compliant websites and strengthening of payments systems for online purchases.
Press release ~ e-Consumer protection consultation webpage.
BIS: Skills Minister, John Hayes, has invited employers, individuals, colleges & training organisations to share their ideas on how they would like skills policy to be set out in the future. The consultation document - Skills for Sustainable Growth - outlines BIS’s vision for skills and what are expected to be the key elements of a strategy for delivering it.
This is complemented by the consultation FE and Skills Funding System and Methodology for Further Education colleges and training organisations, following an independent review by Chris Banks, CBE.  Both consultations close on 14 Oct 2010.
Press release ~ Skills for Sustainable Growth ~ Consultation: ‘A Simplified Further Education and Skills Funding System and Methodology’ ~ Independent review of fees and co-funding in Further Education in England
FSA: The Financial Services Authority is implementing new powers granted by Financial Services Act 2010.  The FSA has also issued a Consultation paper entitled 'Implementing aspects of the Financial Services Act 2010' (closes on 23 August 2010) and published final rules & guidance, including a new Handbook module, the Financial Stability and Market Conduct sourcebook.
Press release ~ Consultation
Newswire – LC: Level crossings present the largest single risk of catastrophic train accident in Great Britain.  In a consultation (closes on 30 November 2010) launched last week, the Law Commissions of England & Wales and of Scotland are seeking views on how the legislative framework governing the use, management and (where appropriate) closure of level crossings can be improved and safety risks reduced.
Press release ~ E&W Consultation ~ S Consultation
CLG: New additional estimates published last week show that the number of people sleeping rough on the streets could be more than treble the official national Rough Sleeping Count.  

The most recent official count ‘showed’ there were 440 rough sleepers in England, but additional official experimental estimates show the figure could be as high as 1,247.  This is because for the first time, all councils have been asked to submit estimates of the number of people sleeping rough on the streets in their area.
Previously, only councils which deemed themselves to have a problem had to do an official rough sleeping count, which was then submitted.  This meant that only 70 councils conducted street counts leading to a total figure of 440 rough sleepers counted in England. Charities & councils are being asked for their views on proposed improvements to the count in a consultation (closes on 3 September 2010).
Press release ~ New rough sleeping estimates ~ Proposed changes to guidance on evaluating the extent of rough sleeping: Consultation
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