DCSF: The DCSF are consulting on the guidance schools will receive to help them deliver sex & relationship education (SRE).  The updated guidance will be given to schools to help them teach young people how to cope with the pressure they often face from peers & the media.  Secondary school pupils will be encouraged to discuss the myths around growing up, sex & relationships that they hear from friends, helping them to put media stories and images into context.
This SRE will be taught within lessons on personal, social and health education (PSHE).  Provisions to make PSHE statutory are included in the Children, Schools and Families Bill currently before parliament.  New guidance will then be issued to schools in 2011 to reflect the change in the law.  This will be based on & will strongly reflect the guidance now being consulted on (closes on Monday 19 April 2010).
Press release ~ Sex and Relationships Education Guidance ~ Children, Schools and Families Bill ~ Sex Education Forum
HMT: The Government has published a discussion document (closes on 20 April 2010)on proposals for reforming the UK tax treatment of controlled foreign companies (CFCs). The proposals set out in the discussion document are intended to enhance the competitiveness of the UK, while providing adequate protection of the UK tax base – See ‘Business and other Briefings’ section for more information.
How Lambeth Council undertakes effective know your citizen (KYC) / ID checks to prevent fraud