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EU News: As of 20 June 2013, credit rating agencies (CRAs) have to follow stricter rules which will make them more accountable for their actions.  The new rules also aim to reduce over-reliance on credit ratings while at the same time improving the quality of the rating process. Credit rating agencies will have to be more transparent when rating sovereign states.
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EU News: To help mitigate the consequences of serious road accidents across the EU, recently the European Commission adopted 2 proposals to ensure that, by October 2015, cars will automatically call emergency services in case of a serious crash.
The ‘eCall’ system automatically dials 112 - Europe's single emergency number - in the event of a serious accident.  It communicates the vehicle's location to emergency services, even if the driver is unconscious or unable to make a phone call. It is estimated that it could save up to 2,500 lives a year.
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EU News: The Economic & Monetary Affairs Committee ‘stood by its guns’ last week in supporting the Commission's proposal for a wide-scope financial transaction tax, with stocks & bond trades taxed at 0.1% and derivatives trades taxed at 0.01% in 11 EU countries.
The committee proposed lower rates until January 2017 for trades in sovereign bonds and the pension fund industry's trades.  A new legal ownership principle was also inserted to make tax avoidance more costly.
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