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MOD: The MoD has announced an additional £10m for research at an event at Copehill Down to introduce the finalists in the MoD Grand Challenge, at which the results of the MoD Competition of Ideas were also revealed.
The Grand Challenge is a major science & technology competition to find new ideas to counter the threats faced daily by our Armed Forces.  It also offers a unique opening into the UK defence market for new suppliers and investors.  Both the Grand Challenge and the Competition of Ideas are key drivers of the MoD's Defence Technology Strategy.
The Competition of Ideas has attracted more than 450 proposals (half from universities and SMEs).  All proposals have been assessed and 66 contracts are to be placed.
Press release ~ MOD Grand Challenge ~ COI - Competition of Ideas ~ Defence Technology Strategy
MoD: A new IT system that allows military medical records to be accessed across the UK, overseas and on the battlefield has taken a major step forward, the MOD and LogicaCMG have announced. After piloting at two small sites, Colchester Medical Reception Station was the first large military medical centre to implement the system, known as 'DMICP' (Defence Medical Information Capability Programme).
The system is now being progressively rolled out to all UK Army medical facilities, before being extended to the RAF, Royal Navy, Defence Dental Services and permanent overseas bases by August 2008. After 2008, a version of the system will be available in field hospitals, on board ships and on the battlefield via laptop and other portable equipment under development.
From 2010, the system will be connected to NHS information systems, simplifying & improving the processes by which Service personnel gain access to treatment in NHS hospitals.  It will also mean that the NHS medical records of new recruits can be imported directly into the Defence Medical Services, and records can be exported back to civilian GPs on retirement.
Press release ~ Defence Medical Services Department ~ Defence Health Programme 2007 – 2011 ~ 'DMICP' (Defence Medical Information Capability Programme) ~ Delivering our armed forces' healthcare needs: a Concordat between the UK Health Dept. and the MoD ~ Health service guidance covering arrangements between the MoD and the NHS ~ NHS Connecting for Health
FCO: With the agreement of the Prime Minister, the Foreign Secretary has appointed Michael C. Williams to be the UK Special Representative on Middle East and Special Projects.
Dr. Williams, who is currently serving as the UN Secretary General's Special Co-ordinator for the Middle East Peace Process and his Personal Representative to the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, will start his new role in September.  He will be based in the FCO, and will report to the Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister.
Press release ~ Security Council Resolution 1701 ~ His recent report to the UN
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