General Reports and Other Publications

ESRC: A new joint Economic and Social Research Council and Technology Strategy Board publication highlights the need to focus on improving the energy efficiency of millions of buildings in Britain that will still be standing in 2050.
How people use & ‘misuse’ buildings coincides with a report from the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee which calls on the government to make retrofitting existing buildings a priority in the Government’s £535mgreen stimulus plan.
Press release ~ Technology Strategy Board ~ HoC Environmental Audit Committee report: Pre-Budget Report 2008 - Green fiscal policy in a recession ~ How people use and ‘misuse’ buildings’
Cabinet Office: The Panel on Fair Access to the Professions, led by Alan Milburn MP, has published a first research paper highlighting key trends & issues in access to the Professions. The report identifies where progress had been made to widen access to professions such as law, medicine, media, publishing, Civil Service and banking for young people, but also identifies where barriers still exist.
The research report finds that many of Britain's professions have become more socially exclusive and that, as a consequence, bright children from average income families, not just those from more disadvantaged backgrounds, are missing out on a professional career.
Press release ~ Panel on Fair Access to the Professions ~ Phase 1 Report: an analysis of the trends and issues relating to fair access to the Professions ~ New Opportunities White Paper ~ CIOB letter to Panel for Fair Access to Professions
CRCAre romantic sentiments of rural England holding back our upland communities?  That was one of several topics discussed by contributors to the 2nd of 6 scheduled hearings (taking place in every region of England containing uplands) of the Upland Communities inquiry held by the Commission for Rural Communities, in Harrogate recently.
Some of those giving evidence to the Inquiry Panel suggested an unrealistic, even nostalgic, view of small upland communities was having an adverse effect on proposals for new development.  The example was given of ‘NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard)’ attitudes delaying or even blocking what many consider to be much needed affordable housing in upland communities.  Several significant concerns, challenges & potential solutions were raised by over 30 participants contributing evidence to the inquiry
Press release ~ Upland Communities inquiry ~ Defra – The English Uplands ~ International Centre for Uplands
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