Guidance Notes and Best Practice Guides

HO: A new guide aimed at helping victims of domestic violence has been launched. The purse-sized guide shows how friends & family-members can recognise if someone is suffering from domestic violence and sets out what practical support is available.
In order that victims don't feel trapped by an abuser's control over family finances, the Home Office has been working closely with the British Bankers' Association to agree additional banking support for victims.  This means, for example, that victims can open new independent accounts with a letter from a refuge manager confirming their circumstances, as opposed to the usual multiple proofs of identification which may be in the possession of, or access- controlled by the abuser.
Victims can also open a new bank account giving just a PO box as their new address - thus protecting them and their independence. All this information and the guide will be available on a new Home Office webpage, at branches of Jobcentre Plus, GP surgeries and local crime fighting agencies.
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ScotGov: On the same day that new figures showed further improvements in Scotland's recycling performance, a new website to aid local authorities do even better, has been launched. The Waste Aware Partners website, being run by Waste Aware Scotland, can also be accessed by businesses, community groups and other organisations, and will enable local authorities to share campaign materials, ideas and best practice.
Figures published by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) show that Scottish local authorities are now collectively recycling & composting 32.9% of municipal waste.
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