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NICE: Nearly half of GPs are following NICE advice on the management of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in men, 1 year on from the launch of the guideline, a survey has found. Around 1 in 4 men aged 40 and over will experience symptoms, such as needing to urinate urgently or frequently, retention of urine, hesitancy & incontinence.
Prior to the NICE guideline, there was no national guidance for diagnosing & treating these symptoms in men, which meant that GPs were not always using the most effective treatments. 

Of those GPs who said they were implementing the guideline, 80% reported that they have seen a reduction in referral costs. GPs who were not following the guideline reported being unsure about when to refer to a specialist, which could lead to unnecessary & costly hospital referrals.
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EA: So you’ve watched The Apprentice and want to start your own waste removal business.  Well it’s not quite as easy as Lord Sugar’s candidates made it seem.  What you didn’t see was all the work that was done behind the scenes by the programme makers to ensure that all the necessary licences & permits were in place and that the candidates didn’t break any of the strict regulations that ensure waste is collected, treated, recycled & disposed of in a way that protects the environment & human health.

Next you’ll need to register as a Waste Carrier if you want to be moving waste in a commercial capacity.  Then you need to understand that once you take possession of that waste you have a legal Duty of Care to ensure that it is handled, treated, recycled & disposed of properly – even if you sell it on or pay a third party to get rid of it.
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Newswire MAS: Recently the Money Advice Service launched a new money health check that aims to put people in charge of their money.  The interactive health check asks a series of straightforward, multiple-choice questions and uses the answers to produce a personal action plan.
In less than 10 minutes, the free & unbiased health check provides a personal action plan to help people stay on top of their money today, and plan to meet future goals.  To help the nation take charge and stay in control of their money, they are also launching a national awareness campaign 'Helping you feel good about money'.
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