Guidance Notes and Best Practice Guides

CLG: Eric Pickles has set out plans to tackle the use of heavy-handed bailiffs by councils to protect people from unfair treatment. New guidelines for councils set out that they should no longer be collecting ‘contractual kickbacks’ from bailiffs or employing those seeking to exploit residents through ‘phantom visits’ or excessive fees.  
Press release & links ~ CAB - Three times as many people seek online help about bailiffs
ScotGov: A leaflet stressing the importance of horse passports will be available for horse owners at events in Scotland throughout the summer. It will list the ‘6 Golden Rules’ and offer advice on how to obtain a horse passport.
Press release & links
CLG: Local Government Secretary, Eric Pickles, recently published a new guide for local people explaining how they can attend & report their local council meetings.   

The guidance explicitly states that councillors & council officers can be filmed at council meetings and corrects misconceptions that the Data Protection Act  or H&S ‘regulations’ somehow prohibits this – See ‘In the News’ section for more information.
How Local Government organisations can improve Citizen engagement and reduce cost by embracing new technology