Guidance Notes and Best Practice Guides

HO: The UK Border Agency has issued new policy guidance following the judgments in the cases of Secretary of State for the Home Department v Pankina 2010 EWCA Civ 719

The guidance affects migrants under all tiers of the points-based system whose applications were refused solely because they failed to meet the maintenance (funds) requirements, and who unsuccessfully applied:
* from outside the UK between 23 June and 22 July 2010 inclusive; or
* from inside the UK (at a time when they had lawful status in the UK) on or before 22 July 2010.
Press release ~ Points-based system policy guidance: maintenance (funds)
NICE: From 26 July 2010, specialist cancer teams are tasked with improving the care & treatment of patients whose cancer has spread to other parts of the body from an unknown primary location.  The re-organisation of cancer services for this group of patients is one of a raft of measures being recommended by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) to tackle the current inequality in care these patients often receive compared with people who have a site-specific type of cancer such as breast, lung or prostate.
This guideline has received the support of the National Cancer Peer Review Programme in England, which is studying the recommendations to develop a number of peer review measures.  These are ‘quality measures’ that hospitals are required to follow and are assessed against with the aim of improving care for cancer patients and their families.
NICE has produced a podcast to help explain the guideline’s key recommendations & the thinking behind them, as well as other tools to help healthcare professionals implement the guideline and a booklet for patients & carers.  
Press release ~ Diagnosis and management of metastatic malignant disease of unknown primary origin ~ Dr Richard Osborne discusses new NICE guidance on metastatic malignant disease of unknown primary origin
TfL: With the Mayor's flagship cycling scheme Barclays Cycle Hire being launched, a new film has been released online packed with essential advice to help new, rusty or current cyclists to polish up their on-the-road skills. 
To help people get the most out of cycling in London and Barclays Cycle Hire, the short animated video produced by Transport for London (TfL) provides tips for new cyclists such as finding the ideal road position and staying visible by avoiding blind spots of larger vehicles. The film also highlights TfL's common sense 'Code of Conduct' that all Barclays Cycle Hire users are expected to adhere to. It can be viewed along with a short film explaining how Barclays Cycle Hire works HERE.
Press release ~ ~
NICE: In final guidance, NICE is pleased to be able to recommend two new treatments; for inoperable advanced gastric cancer and for non small cell lung cancer
Press release ~ Capecitabine guidance ~ Gefitinib guidance
NICE: Women should be encouraged to achieve a healthy weight before they become pregnant and advised that there is no need to 'eat for 2’ when pregnant. These are just 2 of the recommendations included in new public health guidance published by NICE on dietary & physical activity interventions for weight management before, during & after pregnancy.
Press release ~ Weight management before, during and after pregnancy
NICE: People with motor neurone disease could live longer & more comfortably if their respiratory problems are identified & managed more effectively.  This is what NICE is hoping to achieve from its new clinical guideline on the management of non-invasive mechanical ventilation, out last week.
Press release ~ NICE clinical guideline on Motor neurone disease: non-invasive ventilation
NICE: Individual care by a trained multidisciplinary team can help prevent delirium for those people identified at risk, according to new guidelines published last week.  The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) also recommends health professionals should 'think delirium' whenever people are admitted to hospital or long-term care.
This new clinical guideline describes methods of preventing, identifying, diagnosing and managing delirium.  In particular, the guideline focuses on preventing delirium in people identified to be at risk, using a targeted, multi-component, drug-free intervention that is tailored for each individual.
Press release ~ Delirium: diagnosis, prevention and management ~ Acutely ill patients in hospital
NICE: Rituximab (MabThera, Roche Products) will now be routinely available to certain NHS patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, thanks to final guidance published last week.  The NHS has 3 months to begin implementing this new guidance.
Press release ~ Rituximab for the treatment of relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukaemia ~ Rituximab for first line treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia ~ Related statistics
Newswire – NHSC: The NHS Confederation has highlighted that NHS chief executive, Sir David Nicholson, wrote to trusts on 29 July, setting out new guidance to the NHS on handling service reconfigurations.  In the revised Operating Framework for 2010/11, published on 21 June, the Secretary of State set out four key tests against which reconfiguration processes need to be assessed.  The processes involved in future reconfigurations are provided in more detail in Sir David Nicholson’s letter to the NHS. 
Press release ~ Operating Framework for 2010/11 ~ Sir David Nicholson’s letter to the NHS ~ The triumph of hope over experience 
IfL: The Institute for Learning (IfL) has published six case studies as part of a research project to help boost teachers' & trainers' skills in using new technologies to support their professional development.  

The case studies explore the barriers & challenges that IfL members face in capturing their continuing professional development (CPD), and outline a variety of successful approaches.
Press release ~ IfL case studies focus on technology and CPD ~ Supporting the Workforce Project: Final Report – 31 March 2010
LBRO: Improving the quality of life in Wales is at the heart of priorities set out in a new document prepared by the Local Better Regulation Office (LBRO) for the Welsh Assembly Government. The National Enforcement Priorities for Wales establish 4 areas on which local authorities should concentrate their regulatory efforts: safer food, more secure communities, healthier workplaces and fairer trading.
Press release ~ National Enforcement Priorities for Wales
IfL: The Institute for Learning (IfL) and the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) have published a guide to effective continuing professional development (CPD) for teachers, trainers and leaders.
Press release ~ Brilliant teaching & training in FE & skills: A guide to effective CPD for teachers ~ Brilliant teaching & training in FE & skills: Sources of evidence
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