Legislation / Legal

Defra: New measures to reduce regulatory burdens for game shooting businesses and farmers have been announced, by Jeff Rooker, Minister for Sustainable Farming and Food. 
The Heather and Grass Burning Regulations 2007 update Defra's policy on the controlled use of fire in the management of moorland and heathland.  The regulations will be administered by Natural England and will come into effect from 1 October 2007.
The regulations are accompanied the Heather and Grass Burning Code 2007, whose aim is to ensure that burning takes place safely and with respect for wildlife and the environment.
Jeff Rooker also announced the new Regulatory Reform Deer Order 2007 (England and Wales), which is intended to help to improve management of the wild deer populations and enhance the welfare of wild deer.
Defra recently announced new reforms for game licensing in England and Wales, which were effective from 1 August 2007, which were designed to improve consumer choice by enabling game dealers to sell game all year round, and make the shooting of & dealing in game less bureaucratic.
Press release ~ Natural England – Heather and Grass Burning Regulations and Code ~ Regulatory Reform Deer Order 2007 (England and Wales) ~ The Regulatory Reform (Game) Order 2007 ~ Moorland Association ~ Country Land & Business Association ~ National Gamekeepers Organisation
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