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MoJ: Individual tribunal jurisdictions doing similar work will be brought together into a simplified two tier tribunals system - consisting of a First Tier and Upper Tribunal that goes live on 3 November 2008.
Following a consultation on implementing the Tribunals Courts and Enforcement (TCE) Act proposals to create five First Tier Tribunal Chambers and three Upper Tribunal Chambers will be taken forward.  Two Chambers from the First Tier, the Social Entitlement Chamber and the Health Education & Social Care Chamber will commence on 3 November 2008.
The Employment Tribunal and the Employment Appeal Tribunal will be separate from the First Tier and Upper Tribunal, although there will be close links between them.  The Government is currently considering bringing the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal into the unified tribunals structure and is likely to consult on this shortly.
Press release ~ Tribunals Courts and Enforcement (TCE) Act 2007 ~ Transforming tribunals: implementing part 1 of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 ~ Tribunals Service
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