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CC: The Competition Commission is lining up a wide range of measures to break open the cement market in Great Britain, after provisionally finding that both structure & conduct in the sector limit competition by aiding coordination between certain UK producers.
The CC has published a summary of its provisional findings in its market investigation into the supply of aggregates, cement & ready mix concrete (RMX) in GB. The CC has provisionally concluded that co-ordination between the 3 major cement producers (Lafarge Tarmac, Cemex and Hanson) in the cement market is likely to be resulting in higher prices for all cement users.
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OFT: The OFT is writing to over 60 leading online businesses to ensure they are transparent with consumers about how they collect & use their data. The letters coincide with publication of the OFT's Personalised Pricing report which looks at how consumers' information, stored in places such as internet cookies, is used by online firms to influence prices.
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ScotGov: The Scottish Parliament has passed a Bill for the establishment of a new operating company to manage the Forth Road Bridge, the new Forth Replacement Crossing and the surrounding road infrastructure.
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CAB: Gillian Guy, Chief Executive Citizens Advice comments on how 2 people with mental health problems have won a legal challenge against government tests for sickness benefit.
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The Golden Thread: A study of the contribution of the project profession to the UK’s economy