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DCA: From last week all claims management companies will be regulated by the Department for Constitutional Affairs. Those authorised to provide the regulated services must follow strict rules of conduct, which are intended to ensure that consumers are given clear information about the options available for pursuing their claim.

A baseline study has also been published which provides an analysis of the sectors being regulated and outlines the strategy for dealing with malpractice.

The regulation will initially apply to claims in respect of:

Press release ~ Claims Management Regulation website ~ Baseline Study ~ Compensation Act 2006

Home Office: The United Kingdom and United States have ratified a bilateral extradition treaty that the government claims will modernise & extend the arrangements for extradition between them and, for the first time, allow for the extradition of individuals accused of twenty-first century crimes, such as child internet pornography, which were not extraditable offences under the old arrangements.

The treaty's new provisions include:

Press release ~ Extradition Act 2003 ~ Home Office: Extradition Act 2003 - Part 1 ~ Home Office: Extradition Act 2003 - Part 2 ~ Home Office: Extradition to the UK (outgoing requests) ~ BBC News: MPs angry at 'unfair' extradition ~ Chatham House discussion paper

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