It is something we generally try to avoid thinking about

Most of us would prefer not to be in hospital if we don’t need to, especially if we have a limited time left to live. The key phrase here is – ‘if we don’t need to’ – but need comes in so many different forms: treatment-related, symptom-related, care-related etc.  Sometimes, that need can only be met – safely, efficiently & effectively – in hospital.  When that happens, whether it’s a brief visit or at the very end of someone’s life, we need to be confident that our experience of treatment, care & support is as good as it can possibly be for us, as well as those who matter the most to us.

One Public Estate: Number Management is Key to a Seamless Transition

Government estimates that the ambitious ‘One Public Estate’ initiative will generate more than £138 million in capital receipts and reduce the running costs of central and local government assets by £56 million.

But any transformation involves an upheaval stage. When organisations change location, such as NHS Trusts, fire and rescue and other vital services, they need to educate the public around a change of numbers as missing a potentially life or death call creates nightmare scenarios.

When consolidating their estate, Northampton Borough Council used BT smartnumbers during and after the move to ensure that the 24h delivery of critical services was unaffected.

Click here to access this latest case study.

Being ‘old’ comes with age and we need to prepare for it
If we are to respond positively to frailty and the challenges it poses we must be prepared to care for people exhibiting the frailty state in just the same way as we care for other long-term conditions.  Frailty can now be screened for & diagnosed with comparative ease using the validated electronic frailty index. This can lead to targeted assessment & person centred care-plans developed as the condition progresses.

NHS England:  Why is diagnosing frailty important?

‘Frailty’ may be inevitable with age, but its ‘management’ can still allow an ‘active’ lifestyle

Sounds like they were not impressed!
The Science and Technology Committee have demanded the Government redraft its Forensics Strategy; criticising the document as vague, incomplete and lacking a vision for forensic services or a route map to deliver improvements.

PC&PE:  MPs demand the Government redraft its Forensics Strategy

Cyber criminals are phishing to ‘land’ victims

Land Registry customers have told them that they are currently receiving fake emails that pretend to be from LR.

SME Suppliers @ Government ICT 2.0 2016, QEII Conference Centre, Wednesday, 28th September

If you’re attending the Government ICT 2.0 event this Wednesday (28th September) at the QEII Conference Centre, please take some time out to visit the following SME exhibitors:

@ Stand #28

@ Stand #30
They may be ‘young & healthy‘ but they are ‘at risk’
New figures show less than 20% of young people have received the MenW vaccine so far this year.  School leavers, particularly those going to university or college this month, are being strongly encouraged to get vaccinated against meningococcal disease.  The total number of deaths, across all age groups, has risen from around 4 a year up until 2012 to 22 deaths in 2014 to 2015.

DH:  Freshers urged to get meningitis and septicaemia jab

Perhaps Frank Sinatra could have gained digital skills this way
Over the past few months, Tinder Foundation’s Digital Team has been working hard on a whole host of improvements for the Learn My Way site.  Although new features & content will continue to be introduced, they are very proud of the site and believe it is a truly world-class resource for teaching & learning basic digital skills.    They would love to know what you like - or what you don’t - about the site, so please to let them know.
UK online centres:  Say hello to a brand-new Learn My Way
Who censors the Censors?
The issues of freedom of speech on campuses and academic freedom have become major talking points.  Terms like ‘microaggression’, ‘trigger warning’, and ‘safe space’, virtually unheard of a decade ago, have entered mainstream vocabulary.  However, for centuries, scholars have considered intellectual autonomy essential for the pursuit of truth and the advancement of knowledge.

Civitas:  Why Academic Freedom Matters - A response to current challenges

Troubled journeys crossing the water using Tower Bridge
Transport for London (TfL) has set out plans to help reduce disruption during the City of London's vital maintenance work on Tower Bridge. The 3-month closure, which starts on 1 October, will mean vehicles will be unable to use the bridge.

TfL:  Minimising disruption during essential Tower Bridge closure

TfL:  Diversions planned for essential bridge works

Are you eligible for a ‘Boost’ to your business
SMEs based on Port Talbot Waterfront Enterprise Zone are being reminded that applications close on 30 September 2016 for a discretionary grant scheme that could see successful applicants receive up to £55,000 or their business rates paid - whichever is the lowest.

WAG:  SMEs encouraged to apply for Port Talbot Waterfront Enterprise Zone Business Rates Scheme before it closes

It’s healthier to ‘Stop burning money’
Stoptober is back for a 5th year to encourage the nation’s remaining 7m smokers to quit together on 1 October 2016.  Last year, out of the 2.5m smokers who made a quit attempt, 500,000 people (20%) were successful; the highest recorded success rate and up from just 13.6% 6 years ago.

DH:  Quitting smoking sweeps the nation as Stoptober returns

Editorial Comment:  Helping refugees is not the only important issue to consider when dividing the ‘economic cake

The PM has been trying to bring some rational thought to the refugee / migration problem at the UN recently, while (back in the UK) many NGOs & Refugee organisations are urging us to take several multiples of the 20,000 already agreed (plus 3,000 unaccompanied asylum-seeking children) by 2020,  However a NAO report recently ‘costed’ those we have already taken in and expanding the scheme to 100,000 would cost around 5 x £1.734bn – or £8.67bn up to 2020. (Illustrating the potential cost of ‘open borders’ for refugees)


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DIT:  Lord Price's speech to the Hungarian Business Leaders' Forum


 More contributions to the UK constitutional debate

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Scottish Office:  David Mundell - The case for the union: now stronger than ever speech

HMT:  Ambitious businesses in Scotland open their doors to future opportunities


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Last week Public Leaders network editor Jane Dudman caught up with Margaret Hodge, senior Labour MP and former chair of the Commons public accounts committee. Hodge was very vocal on the need for reform in Whitehall, but ultimately, that baton has been passed on and now rests with Theresa May’s ministers.
"It’s time for the present crop of civil servants and politicians in No 10, the Treasury and the Cabinet Office to see what they can do. But finding avid reformers and achieving reform, at a time when the civil service has to manage Brexit? Don’t hold your breath," says Dudman.
And finally, there is still time to vote for who should win our Public Servant of the Year award; read about the five public servants shortlisted and make your choice here. Voting closes on 30 September and the winner will be announced in November.

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