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Big ‘City’, Big Issues

Last week marked the start of a 100-day countdown until voters elect new mayors in several city regions. In its briefing for the candidates standing in May 2017’s elections, JRF says the new post gives Greater Manchester an opportunity to lead the country in delivering inclusive growth – growth that benefits everyone living in the city region.

With half a million people income deprived and 1 in 4 children living in poverty, the briefing provides recommendations for the Mayor to create an economy that helps solve poverty.  Greater Manchester performs relatively well compared to other major UK cities on job creation and private sector business growth. But JRF finds low pay and low skills continue to lock people out of the city region’s economic success.

The briefing also highlights how GM’s economic growth is not reaching all households.  Greater Manchester has a higher proportion of households with no-one in work (18.4%), a higher unemployment rate (6.5%), and higher proportion of working age adults who are economically inactive (24.5%) than England as a whole (14.9%, 5.1% and 21.9% respectively).
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