Consultations (Archive)

techUK: Money & Mental Health Policy Institute – In Control Consultation - (closes on 10 October 2016)

HMT:  New government advice allowance to make retirement planning easier - (closes on 26 October 2016)

Law Commission: Potential reforms to two areas of charity law - (closes on 31 October 2016)

ScotGov:  Scotland’s Forests  - (closes on 9 November 2016)

EU News:  Call for evidence on hazardous substances used in tattoo inks or permanent make-up - (closes on 23 November 2016)

Additional Consultations:  Readers should be aware that many consultations are never publicised with a press release, so do not appear in either the email alerts or WiredGov Plus.  Many of these consultations (& subsequent conclusions) can be found at the following links:

GOV.UK (Approx. 76 consultations launched / outcomes published during August 2016)

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