Consultations (Archive)

Monitor & NHS England seek views on 2016/17 NHS payment system – (closes on 11 March 2016)

FRC Consults on Revised Guidance for Irish Credit Union Audits - (closes on 8 April 2016)

ScotGov:  Wild Fisheries consultation – (closes on 2 May 2016)

HMT:  Consultation on reforms to public sector exit payments – (closes on 3 May 2016)

ScotGov:  Tail docking consultation – (closes on 3 May 2016)

EA:  Land owners in Lancashire are consulted about land drainage – (responses by 29 February 2016)

Additional Consultations:  Readers should be aware that many consultations are never publicised with a press release, so do not appear in either the email alerts or WiredGov Plus.  Many of these consultations (& subsequent conclusions) can be found at the following links:

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